Greencastle man in pole position over dream job

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The dreams of one young Inishowen man came true recently when he got a phone call that changed his life.

John Carey from Greencastle had been working with a motor company, Mofaz Racing, in Oxford, England when an opening became available in a nearby firm, Lotus-Renault, he couldn’t ignore.

From a young age, John always dreamed of working with a Formula one team and now the young mechanic is working for one of the best motor sport teams in the world.

After being disappointed last August when he applied for a job at the firm and didn’t get it, John was told something may come up in the New Year, but little did he know it would result in his dream job.

“I was really shocked to get a phone call from the team in the middle of February, they said they may be in touch, but I didn’t think anymore of it at the time of the interview. But they just asked me if I would be interested in coming in and getting trained up. Now I’m there three days and it’s great.”

With the rest of the Formula One team on the roa, John and the rest of the team are playing a vital role getting really for the next race.

“At the minute we’re concentrating on building a new car for the Australian GP in a couple of weeks. Other people are testing cars in Spain, but we’re in the factory working night and day to have the car ready for the 17th March so they can set off to Australia.”

Though John won’t be travelling to Oz this time, the new job will bring huge opportunities for the Greencastle man.

“I’m really looking forward to going to Montreal, I’ve never been to Canada before. I’m really looking forward to getting into it. I’ve been to Monaco and Silverstone before and it’s been amazing.”

Living in England for almost seven years now, the Inishowen man is no stranger to the racing scene, but he finds the new job a world apart from his last job.

“For Mofaz, I was a mechanic and travelled all over Europe, but this is completely different. It’s a much bigger scale, there is over 500 employees working here. I get to see and do a lot different stuff.”

But a bigger place and bigger staff comes bigger responsibilities. John says the job is an extremely high pressure environment, but it’s not putting him off.

“I’ve worked in the pit before, but nothing on this scale.

“It is the biggest pressure area, we have a massive input in the winning and losing of the race.”