International students '˜fall' for Derry

The students from Foyle International have been out and about across the north west in recent weeks, and are continuing to develop their English language skills by contributing written pieces about their trip to the '˜Journal.'

Friday, 27th July 2018, 9:23 am
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 9:29 am

Students from Russia, Spain and France have been staying with host families, and Elena from Spain said: “I don’t want to return home!”

Eveginia added: “It was a great experience. I am grateful to the Foyle International Academy for this time!”

Recently, the students and their host families went on day trips. Guilhem from France visited Castlerock where he said he saw the “best view point” from Mussenden Temple. “It was really nice, and Irish people are really careful and friendly. It was a really good day in my mind,” he said.

Maria from Russia visited Donegal, and said she “loved the excursion” as “Donegal is a beautiful place.”

Elena also visited Donegal and said: “We played some games and we pushed on our journey. We went by car to see other different beaches. In one of them, we all pointed out that people were swimming. We didn’t understand that, because it was too cold.”

The students also got to experience some of Derry’s history, with a tour of the murals. Selim from France said he “really enjoyed” the trip, as he loves to learn about other countries.

Lucia, from Spain, was very impressed with the tour, and said she “fell for” the murals in Derry.

“Our teacher pointed out the murals from the top of the walls. I fell for them. I couldn’t pick out one because all of them were amazing. Definitely, they lived up my expectations. The colours, the textures, the size and the message makes you keep your eyes on them. I’d like to go again with more time and watch all of them.

“I also want to read more of Ireland history to understand better all the situations. It was a fantastic trip, thank you,” she said.