John Deery and the Heads need your help!

Renowned band '˜John Deery and The Heads' are recording their third studio album, entitled '˜Nothing Permanent Lasts' and are inviting members of the public to be a part of it.

Wednesday, 17th May 2017, 4:27 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:52 pm
John Deery and the Heads are cowdfunding to raise money for their new album.

The Derry band have launched their first ever Crowdfunder campaign, which allows fans to contribute to the recording costs in return for a range of rewards, including T shirts, CDs, vinyl albums, limited edition artwork, song writing lessons, as well as getting your name listed as a contributor on the album sleeve.

“We heard about after a number of bands we like had done something similar” says songwriter John.

“Our first two albums were entirely self-funded, relying on loans and extra shifts to make them happen and then trying to sell CDs and tickets to recoup the initial outlay. The music industry has completely changed and with CD sales unreliable and steaming revenues next to nothing, we decided to try something different this time round and thankfully it seems to be working well. It’s been great to see people really getting behind the project.”

The Crowdfunder platform has been used for a wide variety of projects from inventions to community causes and allows contributors to be a part of the creation process, by pledging whatever they can afford to making the project happen. In return, pledgers receive rewards,including advanced copies of the new album and exclusive bonus materials.

“It’s great to have the chance to make an album in this way as it allows people to become an integral part of the recording process, which in turn allows us to thank them all properly for making it happen.

‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ will be an album for our fans, made by our fans, which is a really special thing” says John.

The band have already seen their project reach 50 per cent of the overall target within just three

weeks of launching as part of World Record Store Day in April and look set to exceed their goal, with fans as far away as Australia and the USA pitching in to bring ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ to life. The album is due for release in September 2017 and contributors will receive advanced copies of ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ in August 2017.

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