Let’s talk about hair loss...says Ronan Stewart of Atelier Hair

The number 1 topic I get asked most about in the salon is thinning hair and hair loss, and with all the stress from covid and lockdowns and new scientific evidence that covid has links to hair loss, there’s no better time to talk about the subject.

Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 10:50 am
Ronan Stewart

One in four women will experience hair loss in their life-time and 66% of men will have experienced some degree of baldness by the age of 35.

For men, by far the most common factor is ‘Male Pattern Baldness’. (MPB) This is usually hereditary and it means your follicles will die out over time.

There’s lots of lotions to slow down this process and creams and waxes to make your hair look thicker with some great disguising sprays and powders, but I’m sorry to break it to you guys - no product or tablet will help your hair grow back from MPB.

But the good news is the success of surgeries. In the last few years this has become a highly popular procedure which involves taking follicles out from areas where you still have lots of hair and replanting your own hair in areas of loss.

This has 80% success rate and can be repeated every few years if hair loss continues.

For ladies, this list won’t cover everything but the most common triggers I notice in clients are stress, medication, postpartum, menopause, diet change and hair damage caused by over processing hair bleach or over-usage of straighteners. There are also more serious illnesses such as cancer and the required treatments that cause more extreme hair loss, and conditions such as alopecia which require a more specialist approach based on the individual person.

Once you can pinpoint the cause then you can try to treat the problem; usually once you diagnose the trigger and make a treatment plan, you will start to see results in 12 weeks as that’s how long your hair growth cycle takes. So, for example, you may have had a bereavement or stressful exams or had a baby; hair loss won’t trigger until 3 months later. It is the same with treatment, you should notice hair growth 3 months after you start treatment.

With certain medications, diet changes, or menopause,your body will react in different ways and hair loss can be a common side effect; talk to your doctor if you experience this and see what can be done.

Postpartum - Women usually gain 10% more hair while pregnant but experience loss 12 weeks after birth; luckily this is usually temporary and you should see regrowth start 6 months after birth but some supplements during and after pregnancy can help slow down hair loss, like biotin.

Hair damage caused by over processed bleach or heat damage is more easily rectified, you just gotta take a break from tools or colouring and using healthy hair/ scalp treatments will speed up hair growth process.

And the most common trigger is stress, everyday stress can trigger all sorts of reactions in your body including hair loss, unfortunately this is part of everyday modern life for most people but sometimes all you need to do is to relax.

As you can see there isn’t one just treatment that can fix hair loss overall as each case will have different reasons but here are two non-invasive treatments that have had great results and really helped clients in Atelier.

Biotin is a supplement that you take daily and it promotes hair growth.

Biotin with coconut 12,000mcg (Vitabright £23 for one years supply online)

After much research we’ve found a prescriptive, totally organic product that helps stimulate hair growth. This 2 product treatment is easily used and we’ve noticed fantastic results on clients that have used it.

O-Way Micro-Stimulating Hair shampoo (£26.50) and densifying remedy (£60) in store or online atelierhair.co

It is important to note if you have a serious health concern in relation to hair loss you should consult with your doctor first.

I am always happy to give non medical recommendations. If there any questions relating to hair loss or what products that can help just email me [email protected] or call salon 02871878167 for a consultation.