Lisa opens first solo art exhibition

Derry woman, Lisa Kelly, will take a large step forward in her career as an artist when she opens her first solo exhibition in the Craft Village this evening.

Twenty-two year-old, Lisa, graduated with a degree in Modern Art from Liverpool Hope University last year.

Derry artist Lisa Kelly pictured with some of her paintings which will be exhibited in the Craft Village for two weeks starting on June 19.

Derry artist Lisa Kelly pictured with some of her paintings which will be exhibited in the Craft Village for two weeks starting on June 19.

Lisa has already sold pieces of her art to buyers in Norway, Australia, England, Germany and France but she sees a solo exhibition as something different entirely.

“I suppose I’ll be nervous when people I don’t know tell me what they think of my paintings - I hope they like them,” smiled Lisa.

Lisa is a former Thornhill College pupil and she cites art teacher Mr. McAteer as instilling a a love for art in her.

The exhibition is titled ‘Creating Contradictions’ and Lisa has used many of her friends and family to convey the contradictions in people.

“It usually takes me several hours to do a painting and I am excited about the exhibition because exploring the concept of how we are all contradictions was something that really interested me,” she said.

‘Creating Contradictions’ opens in the Craft Village later this evening and there will be live music and refreshments at the event.

“I can’t thank the Inner City Trust enough,” said Lisa.

“They let me use these two rooms and all they ask is that I make a donation to them. It’s great that they have seen that such an event could open some doors for me. I am over the moon with the support they have given me.”

Lisa’s father, Kevin Kelly, is a trained architect and one of her older brothers showed a flare for art growing up but Lisa is the first in the family to try and turn her passion into a career.

“I have been drawing and sketching since I was no age,” said Lisa.

“One of my brothers was really good at art growing up but he never pursued it. My dad is an architect which is great because I can talk to him about a lot of things.

“My family have been really supportive and I would be lost without them,” she added.

‘Creating Contradictions’ will remain open to the public for the next two weeks and there will be smaller prints and postcards on sale.

The exhibition is completely free to enter and it is open to the public.

“The Craft Village is such an amazing place. It’s full of life and I couldn’t ask for a better venue to be honest.

“I just hope people call in to see my paintings. I will be here all the time so if anyone has any questions I will be only more than happy to try and answer.”

When asked for her hopes and ambitions for the future, Lisa said she wants to travel and experience as many different cultures as she possibly can.

“I want to see how they do art in places like New York and Japan. I want to travel the world and get a real feel for how other cultures do art.

“But at the minute I will be concentrating on this exhibition and hopefully by the time it’s over some people will have said some nice things about my paintings,” she smiled.

For more information on Derry artist Lisa Kelly visit her website