New comic book publisher has big ambitions for 2016

'Revolve Comics' founder, Danny McLaughlin (right) pictured with 'Solstice' artist, Nathan Donnell.
'Revolve Comics' founder, Danny McLaughlin (right) pictured with 'Solstice' artist, Nathan Donnell.

A new company that publishes comics has set-up in Derry.

Revolve Comics was set-up in the city two weeks ago by Danny McLaughlin, the author of well known Derry based comic ‘Zombies Hi’.

“I have been working on building it for a month or two now,” Danny told the ‘Journal’.

“A lot of the work I’ve been doing is on the website and doing some planning and working on the business plan,” he added.

Danny was one of the people behind Uproar Comics which founded and published ‘Zombies Hi’ however, Danny has now decided to go solo.

“Uproar Comics is not in existence anymore - a few hardships and the band broke up if you will. I am going solo - I want to keep creating comics and telling stories and doing what I love,” he said.

Danny has plenty of experience publishing comics and wants to use his new company to help young up-and-coming artists and writers realise their dream.

“Revolve Comics is a production house for comics and a revolving door for artists and writers to come and go when they can, somewhat a partial inspiration for the name ‘Revolve’ but also because it is to encourage up and coming artists and writers to - for the lack of a better expression, get off their arses and have some fun creating their own material and ‘evolving’ their skills.”

Danny plans to host workshops and wants to pass on his skill for storytelling to a younger generation. He said Revolve Comics can be used as a platform for individuals to get their message across to a wider audience.

“A prime focus for Revolve Comics will be creating comics for marketing purposes for other companies or organisations - i.e. a comic that will be given to young people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes,” explained Danny.

“The concept is, instead of young people reading daunting hard medical literature and leaflets about lifestyle changes they will be given a comic, that is fun, positive and enjoyable for anyone.

“These are the kind of projects that I am more excited and focused on after working on ‘Andrew’s Comic’ which was a comic about a young man with terminal cancer. I think comics can help make a difference- mainly because no one expects them to.”

Danny has high hopes for 2016 and hopes to release his first new comic in the coming weeks.

“The plans for 2016 include growing the followers of Revolve Comics which I have endearingly named ‘Revolvers’, but to also give them great comics - the first of which will be an epic fantasy called ‘Solstice’ - I am hoping this will be out in the next few weeks with its very own launch in ‘Angry Cherry’.

“The second line which is in development is a sci-fi resistance story - it’s about invaders from space who want to colonise Ireland and take over the world and the only thing standing in their way are the fighting Irish.

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