April 1978 - Calls for check-point reappraisal

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Councillor William McCartney, an SDLP member of Derry City Council, said that unless the British army carried out a re-appraisal of their city check-point policy, there could very easily be a public reaction.

Councillor McCartney, who is also chairman of the Waterloo Street Traders’ Association said; “The pedestrian check-point at the bottom of William Street is a monstrosity, but if that wasn’t bad enough, recent structural changes there have made it almost impossible to pass through. Is this a deliberate attempt to close Waterloo Street from the rest of the city centre? If it is, it is certainly succeeding. The traders are fed up with promises from the security forces. Action must be taken to improve the situation at this particular check-point and at other city centre check-points One morning the check-point at Butcher Gate did not open until 8.40am and many people from the Bogside were late getting to their work.