Do you remember the UI reg?

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This picture was found in a scrapbook bought at an auction in the Waterside last year.

The scrapbook, which was collated by Alan Roberts and bought by local man Ivor Doherty also contained a letter which was printed in the ‘Londonderry Sentinel’ in 1964. Written by Stephen G. Edmiston, Castlerock, and entitled ‘Derry’s first registered cars’ it states: “In the Londonderry Sentinel, (January 1) I was interested in the paragraph entitled Derry’s first UI car. Your are right in saying it was owned by the late Mr. M. Robinson, city surveyor. I do not agree that car registered UI 2 was owned by Captain W. H. Jack. The car of that register was owned and driven by the late Messrs. J. Ballintine Ltd., Strand Road. Car registered UI 3 was owned and driven by the late Mr. Hugh Stevenson, Collon House. Cars registered U1 5 and 6 were owned by the late Mr. Hugh Roberts and Dr. James Craig. I am not quite sure who had 5 and who had 6.”