February 1985 - John Hume sticks to his ‘meet the Provos’ position

Criticism from the Taoiseach, Dr. Garret FitzGerald, from British Secretary of State, Douglas Hurd, from Unionist politicians, and Sinn Fein, about his offer to meet the army council of the Provisional IRA, left SDLP leader John Hume unmoved yesterday.

Mr. Hume reiterated his willingness to go ahead with the proposed meeting and rejected his critics’ view of the affair.

He said: “There was no equivocation about my motives when I issued the statement that I was willing to meet the Provos. I said then, and I repeat now, that I want to talk to the people running the Provisional movement to say to them clearly to stop their campaign of violence.”

Hume also hit out at people who said nobody should meet the Provos.