From the archives - Ocotber 1983 - Derry will fight for Kinsale gas pipeline to come north

There was a cautious welcome to the British government’s decision to bring Kinsale gas north. Derry’s mayor, councillor Len Green said the City Council would continue to be vigilant to “ensure that the pipe line does in fact come to Derry.”

The arrival of natural gas supplies in the north west could prove to be a lifeline for the ailing local gas company which has lost almost half of its 10,000 customers in the past nine years. The number of new jobs generated in the local company would depend now on the public response to availability of Kinsale gas, said the manager of the Derry Gaslight Company, Mr Harry Clements.

Agreement to pipe Kinsale gas to 100,000 consumers in the North was announced in Belfast.