From the ‘Derry Journal’ of Friday January 20, 1961

Possibility of straw-board factory - Donegal Committee of Agriculture decided to request C.A.O. Mr. F. Brady, to investigate to the full the possibility of establishing a straw-board factory in Donegal.

Mr. Brady reported that at the last meeting he had been asked to go through the various items set out in a Department circular with a view to suggestions for the establishment of a factory for the use of produce of the land. He had gone through the list of imports supplied by the Department of Industry and Commerce, and the only item containing any possibility was straw-boards.

Break in Banagher water supply - Derry was yesterday cut off from its main supply of water from the resovoir at Banagher. But the break had no effect on supples to the city.

The reason why supplies were normal was that the city is ringed by a series of subsidiary reservoirs which are “topped up” from Banagher and the various districts of the city are served from these.

Derry can exist for a week at least without drawing on any supplies from Banagher - Yesterday’s break in supplies resulted when a 20-inch main from the dam at Banagher to the city burst in the townland of Ballagh, between Feeny and Dungiven, a few miles form the reservoir.

Derry’s little singers again captivate U.S. audiences - Since they staged their first concert in Wilmington, Delaware, home of the Du Pont company, a fortnight ago, Derry’s Little Gaelic Singers have gone from success to success and are maintaining the high reputation that they built up in their three previous U.S. tours. Thier programme to date has included concerts to several centres in Pennsylvania, after which they crossed the Canadian border into Ontario, where the highlight was their appearance in Toronto’s big Eaton Auditorium. They have now returned to the United States and were due to appear last night in the Ford Auditorium in Detroit. They are billed for Chicago on Sunday night next, when their performace in the spacious Civic Opera House, the city’s biggest and most palatial auditorium will be sponsored by the Columban Sisters.

Gaeltacht Council’s “Experimental Plot” Plan - At Gelncolumbkille Parish Council’s first meeting of the year it was decided to embark on a venture which is perhaps the first of its kind in the country. The Council and the local Shows Society will join forces in a scheme for the growing or early potatoes and vegetables in an experimental plot in the six-acre parish park on the outskirts of Cashel Village. A grant will be received from the Department of Agriculture to assist in the purchasing of seeds and fertilisers, while the Parish Council and Shows Society will defray all cultivation costs. A number of local labourers will be engaged to carry out the work. The scheme is being launched with the main objective of giving a lead to the local community.