From the ‘Derry Journal’ of Friday , September 26th, 1986

Campbell ‘tears up’ agreement - A copy of the Anglo-Irish Agreement was torn up by DUP Derry City Councillor, Gregory Campbell. when he made a brief appearance at the monthly meeting of Derry City Council on Tuesday night. Councillor Campbell and his four DUP colleagues were present at the beginning of the meeting to be marked present and so avoid disqualification, and before making the gesture of tearing up the Accord document, the former Assemblyman made a fifteen minute speech to the Council in which he reiterated the determination of loyalists not to accept either the Agreement of the Derry City Council name change. He stated that earlier this year after being elected Mayor, Colr. Noel McKenna, wrote to him and other unionist councillors asking them to end their boycott of Council meetings. Colr. Campbell said that two years and eight months after the “obnoxious and offensive” Council name change was announced and the Protestant people of the city were as much opposed to it and would never accept it.

‘Tumble down Derry’ image is not good enough - There was a call yesterday from Derry’s new Development Office, Mr Joe Cowan, for strenous efforts to be made to rid the city of its many vacant and derelict sites. Addressing members of the local Chamber of Commerce at a lunch in the Everglades hotel, Mr Cowan said that while urban renewal in the Derry City Council area had been made a priority by his Department, it must be recognised that there was no simple or short term solutions to the problem. He said that radical measures which would overnight restore the city centre and increase its prosperity could not be offered. The Development Officer said there had been some significant improvements in Derry’s streets and buildings in recent years but such efforts could have little overall effect as long as consider able stretches of street frontages and extensive city centre sites remained derelict. Rats running round Carnhill - Residents of Carnhill estate in Derry hit out strongly at the Public Health Department in the city which the residents claim is doing “absolutely nothing” about the rat infestation at a block of houses in the estate. Sinn Féin councillor Gerry Doherty lashed the Health Department which, he said, had failed to take adequate steps to stamp out the problem. One resident of the row of houses at 546 to 576 Carnhill, Mrs Pauline McIntyre, said that the attitude of the health Department was “unbelieveable.” She claimed some poison had been laid, but apart from that little else had been done. A health official had visited the houses during the week, Mrs McIntyre said, but he only took a look at 15 of the rats which had been killed by local men using dogs and then left again. The resident said she heard no reports of rats entering houses in the row.