From the ‘Derry Journal’ of Tuesday, February 11, 1986

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Robbers run out of steam - Derry businessman Scott Buchanan bravely foiled an attempted robbery in Derry yesterday when he raced after two youths who snatched a bag of money from him in Shipquay Street. The incident happened at 12.30pm when Mr. Buchanan, of Maxwell’s Cash and Carry in Derry, came out of the Bank of Ireland in Shipquay Street. Two youths, aged around 16 years, grabbed the bag from him and ran off down Shipquay Street. Once Mr. Buchanan realised what was happening, he decided to give chase. Although the youths had a considerable start over Mr. Buchanan, he chased them down Shipquay Street, through the Guildhall, along William Street and Chamberlain Street, through the Rossville Flats towards Lecky Road where they finally dropped the money. Pleased and relieved to retrieve the money, Mr Buchanan gave up the chase. Mr Buchanan commented: - “It took me a moment to realise what was going on but there was no way I was going to let them go without a chase. I must have been giving them thirty years in age difference but I’m fairly fit. They had a good start on me but I was definitely gaining on them. Once they dropped the money I gave up the chase, happy enough to have got the money back.” It was not disclosed how much money was involved.

Magee Campus gets goahead - The University of Ulster has got the go ahead for the controversial multi-million pound development at Magee campus in Derry. In a statement yesterday, the Department of the Environment announced that outline planning permission has been granted for the first phase, which will cost well over £2 million. This ends a wait of more than four months for the result of the planning inquiry into the university’s planning application. Planning Commissioner, Mr Roy Hawthorne, sat in Derry for two days in October and heard some strong objections to the development. The Department said that it has reserved consideration of details such as the design and appearance of buildings, car parking facilities and landscape proposals, and these were the focus of the body of the complaints. The statement added that the detailed work would be advertised and the public would be invited to comment. This news got a cautious welcome yesterday from a spokesman for the Magee Residents Committee, which lodged an objection before the inquiry. “We feel that out concern that the development should take into account local concerns is reflected in this decision and we hope that this gives local people a chance to have a real input into the project.”

Lose a donkey? - Did you lose a donkey? If you are the owner of two grey donkeys which were found at Sandbank Cottages, Shantallow RUC would be grateful if you could come and claim the animals.