From the ‘Journal’ of October 21, 1988

£30m development possible on Derry’s ‘worthless’ land: Derry City Council have been told by a planning consultant that land in the Galliagh area which is presently worthless could ‘house’ a £30 million development if drained. The land had been turned down for development in the past because the Department of Agriculture had claimed that it would cost £7 million to drain, but following a survey by a group of interested bodies it has now been revealed that the land could be made suitable for development for £1.5 million. If drained, the land around the River Skeoge, could provide numerous jobs, the Council have heard.

Broadcasting ban will not defeat republicans - says McLaughlin: Derry Sinn Féin councillor Mitchel McLaughlin yesterday pledged that his party would establish alternative means of communication to beat the British government’s airwaves ban announced this week by Mr Doughlas Hurd, the British Home Secretary. The ban on Sinn Féin, the IRA and the UDA was condemned locally, not only by Sinn Féin but also the SDLP, who described it as a “clumsy move.” The DUP in the city meanwhile, regarded the measure as a “piecemeal exercise” and proposed that the government take it a step further and proscribe Sinn Féin.

Derry delegation to visit Durham prisoner: A delegation from Derry City Council left for Durham yesterday to visit Derry woman Martina Anderson who is serving a life sentence for bombing offences. The delegation comprising of Sinn Féin councillor Mitchel McLaughlin, and SDLP councillors John Tierney and Teresa Coyle will also meet the prison governor to express Council’s concern regarding Ms Anderson’s prison conditions. Sinn Féin colr. Dodie McGuinness, a fourth memebr of the delegation, has been banned from visiting the prison. She travelled to Durham earlier this year but was refused admission.