‘Give peace a chance’ - survey

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Householders in the Creggan and Foyle Hill estates in Derry have given a massive ‘Yes’ vote to give the White Paper proposals a chance. This was revealed when the counting of votes in a survey organised by the Ladies and Social Welfare Committee in the estates.

Out of a total of 2,154 households to which voting forms were distributed 1,964 or 91 per cent voted.

Of those who voted 1,648 or 83 per cent, gave an unqualified ‘yes’ on the voting cards, which carried the words ‘Give Peace a Chance. 147 (7.4 per cent) gave an unqualified ‘No.’

63 per cent voted ‘Yes’ with reservations, such as release of the prisoners of recognition of Sinn Féin as a political party. They were 106 spoiled votes.

The votes were counted by three men from the area who had no connection with the committee and they were assisted by three members of the committee, including Mrs Cathy Duffy, secretary.