The Hamilton Band in days gone by

The Hamilton Flute Band of 1928. (60112JC17)
The Hamilton Flute Band of 1928. (60112JC17)

The Hamilton Flute Band pictured outside 104-106 Spencer Road, Derry, in 1928, on the occasion of the presentation of new Crown AZ Rosewood flutes.

In 1914, the band joined the army en-bloc, as did the members of the No Surrender Band at the outbreak of the second World War in 1939. The house is now Waterside Police Station.

The names in the photograph are: Sixth row: Richard Hartin, Oswald Orr, Jack Hughes, James Pomeroy, Thomas Colhoun, Thomas Alford, James Strawbridge.Fifth row: Thomas Wright, Alex McIntyre, Hugh Buchanan, Jack Falconer, Robert Philson, Harry Hughes.

Fourth row: Robert Hamill, William McClay, William Peoples, David McGarvey. Third row: Jackie Parkhill, Archie McElwee, William Kincaid, Billy Duncan,.

Second row: David Colhoun, Hugh McInyre, James Blair, Herbert Andrews, Archie Heaney, Robert McClay, John McNulty, Robert Curry, William Duddy, Alex Kane.

Front row: Robert Blair, unknown, James Blair, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Corscadden, Mrs Graham, Dealtry Thompson, unknown, Bertie Riddle and Thomas Galbraith