The Lost Archives II - New ‘Journal’ photos book out now

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‘Derry Journal: The Lost Archives II’, the eagerly-awaited second volume of old photographs from the paper’s archives, is on sale now.


As with its best-selling predecessor, this new book is jam-packed full of images that will speak volumes to lovers of Derry and its vanished past.

A remarkable window into a bygone age, these wonderful pictures reveal a Derry lost in time, a moving evocation of a long gone age.

The man behind the book is ‘Journal’ reporter Sean McLaughlin who believes the new book is as close to a time-travelling virtual-reality tour of Derry in the 1950s and 1960s as you could hope for.

“You can almost smell the street life in this amazing collection of images,” he says.

“But this is more than nostalgia. It is an important piece of social history that transports you to the very heart of our past.”

Last year, the first volume of photos - “Derry Journal The Lost Archives” - proved a popular hit with book lovers and Sean is hoping the new book will prove to be a similar success story.

Published in conjunction with Guildhall Press, the new book contains scores of images that have never been published before.

“What is particularly overwhelming is the detailing of a world that is quite different from our own,” says Sean.

Sean also explained the remarkable story behind the discovery of these ‘new’ images.

“They were discovered in the summer of 2012 as the ‘Journal’ was moving from its former premises at Buncrana Road to new offices on Duncreggan Road.

“In one particular passageway of the old building, there was a floor-to-ceiling cupboard that had been locked for years. There was no key to open it.

“A decision was made to force it open and, when the doors were removed, there they were: 30-40 dusty boxes of glass plate negatives. A treasure trove of history.”

‘Derry Journal: The Lost Archives II’ is published by ‘Derry Journal’ and Guildhall Press. It is available to buy from bookshops and the offices of the ‘Journal’ at Duncreggan Road now as well as online.