When Dan brought the gyroplane to the Guildhall

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“This picture was taken at least 50 years ago. I can’t remember what year exactly but it was definitely back more than half a century ago when I was in my 30s, and I’m 85 now.

“I know this shot of the gyro plane was taken when the Ideal Home Exhibition came to the Guildhall in Derry.

“I was one of the men charged with the task of bringing it inside the Guildhall and putting it on the balcony using the big scaffolding.

“At one stage we were informed that because of health and safety it was too dangerous and we would have to take it down.

“The plane was a bit like a small helicopter.

“But we got an engineer to look at it and examine it and were informed that the plane was as safe as it could be.

“The crowds that came to the exhibition were amazing.

“There were lots of different things on display and the place was packed out.”

Octogenarian Dan is well-known in the town not only as a former player for Derry City F.C. but last year he was the first man across the zipline on the River Foyle to raise money for Foyle Search and Rescue.

Dan says he’s as fit as a fiddle since having a triple bypass operation 15 years ago.

“I’ve never drank and never smoked. I still play golf every week and take my walks down by the Foyle. I could go to the moon and not be scared.”

Dan was also one of the men who helped scaffold St Eugene’s Cathedral and was renowned for cycling a penny farthing bike around Derry during the 1950s.

In fact, they used to say about the Derryman when it came to odd jobs: “If you can’t get Dan, send three men”!