Council backs Enagh County Park and ‘Auld School Site’ greenway hub plan for Strathfoyle

Derry City and Strabane District Council has agreed to look at ways of allocating resources to set up a Greenway link between Judges Road and the 'Auld School' site at Temple Road as part of the new rural Greenway Hub at Enagh.

A cross partisan notice of motion was brought before council by Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming, Alliance Councillor Rachael Ferguson and SDLP Councillor Sean Mooney.

Councillor Fleming said: “I would like to acknowledge the work that has already been done on this by local community groups in conjunction with RAPID (Rural Area Partnership in Derry) and also the meetings with council officers.

“The work already done is a vision and a concept and if it is achieved it will be transformational in that locality.”

The 'Auld School' site at Strathfoyle

Councillor Ferguson added: “Enagh Lough and the wider community’s aspirations is to have a rural hub that is connected to our new Strathfoyle Greenway.

“Over lockdown many people discovered the lough and have used it for a number of different activities. It’s a very rural area and this has impacted on many residents so they were hoping with the Enagh Lough Country Park’s aspirations that some of these issues would be addressed.

“The Country Park aren’t looking for Capital funding, they are hoping with RAPID they can secure funding outside of council.

“They are asking to secure a connection from our Strathfoyle Greenway to the lough and Gransha area which would be impactful for the new houses in Caw to actively be able to walk or cycle to the lough.”

SDLP Councillor Sean Mooney continued: “The group are essentially asking for this Chamber to support their vision and call for the development of a rural Greenway hub which will seek to deliver both eco, adventure, rural and cultural tourism within the site at Enagh Lough and the surrounding area at Gransha.

“The aim of this motion is to support this project for Enagh Country Park and to also provide assistance with the designing and developing of the Greenway route that will connect both Enagh and Gransha.”

Welcoming the motion, UUP Alderman Ryan McCready said: “It’s wonderful. These are the types of projects that really get my attention. It’s something positive, outward looking and will benefit everyone.”

Members of all parties were in agreement and the motion passed unanimously.