DERRY HALLOWEEN : What’s On Where this weekend in the city

Here’s your guide to attractions around the city this weekend.

Friday, 29th October 2021, 11:02 am

Heart of Samhain

Guildhall Square and Waterloo Place. Friday 29th Saturday 30th October 12noon-10pm Sunday 31st October 12noon-9pm

Senses are stirred and taste buds tantalised as musical melodies hang in the cold night air. For three nights, Guildhall Square and Waterloo Place will come alive with all manner of creepy ghosts and ghouls feasting on the sights, sounds and tastes of Hallowe’en.

Sparks entertaining the crowd in Guildhall Square at a previous Halloween gathering. (Photo: Jim McCafferty Photography)

Enjoy the market with live music and relaxed seating in Waterloo Place. the Walled City Friday 29th, Saturday 30th October 5pm-10pm, Sunday 31st October 4.30pm-9pm. Free and suitable for all ages.

Derry Halloween 2021 will unfold across five different Worlds, each representing a different spirit of Samhain.

Three of the Worlds are located in the city, one in BUncrana and one in Strabane.

The myths and mischief of Samhain will be interwoven throughout, connecting our city to the Worlds Beyond the Walls.

The Guildhall is ready for the Halloween celebrations. DER2143GS – 089

The Whispering Wharf Queen’s Quay and Foyle Embankment. Free.

As the chilling winds rise from the sea to greet her, Cailleach, Queen of Winter, Goddess of the Cold and Winds will lead visitors through Samhain storytelling and the ghost stories that haunt both our World and the World Beyond the Walls.

The City of Bones

Guildhall Square and The Diamond. Free.

Preparations underway for Halloween at St Columb’s House. DER2143GS – 084

Prepare yourself to meet Walter de Burgh and his ancestors as they haunt the confines of the Walled City, turning it into their very own ‘City of Bones’.

With installations and guises to chill even the coldest of hearts, the spirit of this starved knight will be welcomed by the people of Londonderry as they embrace Samhain.

The Awakening and The Forest of Shadows

Ebrington Square and St Columb’s Park. Free.

Preparations underway for Halloween at Ebrington Square. DER2143GS – 088

As the veil between this world and the next decays, the days of Samhain and Hallowe’en open the door for an Awakening. Portals emerge allowing eager crowds to move through the Samhain circle. As ominous spirits appear… waiting.

Drifting along the banks of the Foyle, nothing is what it seems as you enter the lair of Phantom Queen Morrigan.

Welcoming you with dancing flames and hypnotic, mesmerising displays, luring you into the depths of the forest. Beware of paths lined with shape-shifting creatures and shadows that disguise whatever Queen Morrigan desires.

Kidz Farm

Guildhall Sqaure Friday 29th Saturday 30th October 12noon-10pm Sunday 31st October 12noon-9pm. Family friendly and free.

Creepy Crawlies and the Wall of Terror. Are you brave enough?

Samhain Bandstand

Waterloo Place Friday 29th Saturday 30th October 12noon-10pm Sunday 31st October 12noon-9pm.

Enjoy some live music by local artists, sit back and relax in our seating area at Waterloo Place.

Hear the rituals and rhymes of the Armagh Rhymers, performing in the style of the ancient Mummers’ traditions.


Guildhall Square and Waterloo Place Friday 29th Sunday 31st October. Times will vary

Arachnobot, the giant spider puppet, is a first at Derry Hallowe’en - an impressive walkabout act which roams the streets, festivals and spectacular events looking for prey, or anyone brave enough to say hello!


City centre Friday 29th - Sunday 31st October Times will vary

Spark! is back! This street theatre show is a magical live music, movement and light spectacular that captivates the audience combining high impact drumming, dynamic choreography, playful characters and colourful lighting design.

Performance times vary – keep an eye out as you never know where they will pop up around the City of Bones!

After Dark

Once you have experienced the spooktacular delights of the Awakening of the Walled City, why not follow our After Dark Music Trail to extend your Derry Hallowe’en experience and get your Hallowe’en groove on to our amazing local

musical talent!’s Wake at the City of Bones

The Diamond and Shipquay Street Friday 29th Saturday 30th October, 5pm~10pm Sunday 31st October 4.30pm~9pm. Free.

As Walter sits upon the City’s coat of arms each year when Samhain arrives… there is always one thing he laments… that the city he so proudly protects never gave him a proper send off.

Well hold onto your chains Walter, because In Your Space Circus has arranged a funeral fit for an EARL! But we won’t mourn or cry... oh no… at Derry Hallowe’en, instead we will celebrate the wicked life that Walter Lived and the ‘City of Bones’ legacy that he left behind.

In Your Space presents 
Married At First Fright

Guildhall Friday 29th Sunday 31st October 10am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm. Family friendly. Relaxed, autism friendly session: Sunday 31st October 10am Adm: £3pp (for two years+)

We all know Walter the Skeleton (famous for appearing on the city coat of arms) but have you met his happily withered wife?

They have both travelled the globe looking for love since the beginning of time and their quest has always brought them back to the Walled City, where they have met some of Londonderry’s most renowned characters.

From Colmcille to Cuchulainn and the Siege to shirt factories, these two have seen it all! Join them now to hear the story of how fate brought these two corpses together under a full moon in the City of Bones...

Tickets online at: Curiosity Club

Void, Strand Road 29th & 31st October 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm Adm: £3.83.

Curiosity Club gets spooky from the 16th October. Come and make some Hallowe’en inspired crafts!

Hallowe’en in the Park

St Columb’s Park House Thursday 28th October 12noon~3pm Adm Free.

The grounds of St Columb’s Park House will play host to a very spooky spectacular! Booking essential.

Booking from 9am on 18th October at: Souls

Waterside Library building. SUnday Adm: £22 / conc. £20. Age 18+

Experience terrifying tales and sinister stories of Derry’s past on this tour, combining history, the hellish paranormal and poltergeist tales of Derry’s lost souls. Tickets at Silent Disco Tours

Shipquay Street Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October

Join in song and dance around the beautiful streets of Londonderry. Put on your costumes and get ready to dance!

northwestsilentdiscotours.comHallowe’en Origins Tour

Stables Inn. Friday 29th Sunday 31st October Adm: £62.58. Age 17+

An intriguing minibus and walking tour that explores a number of prehistoric sites and ancient habitats in the countryside. The sites and natural features can be linked with many of the rituals and traditions of the Celtic Festival of Samhain ~ “Hallowe’en”.

Tickets at of Derry City Cemetery

Friday 29th Sunday 31st October 1pm. Adm: £5 pp

Uncover the City’s history through the carved aging headstones where the City’s bones have been laid to rest for over 300 years.

Book at for the Derry Vampire

City centre tour. Friday 29th Sunday 31st October 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm Cost: £3pp. Family friendly.

Ancient Derry is no place for the faint of heart. Our tale began in Derry’s Docklands where a doddering ship made berth. The authorities are baffled but one man knows better. Abraham Van Helsing has seen this all before. The darkness that now stalks the streets of Derry is no animal… it is the work of an ancient creature from the other world…, the Arbhartach, the vampire of Derry.

I bid you to seek out Van Helsing and join him as he continues his hunt. Explore the walls of Derry, seek out the truth, question the suspicious and see if you can capture the King of the Vampires.

Tickets at: Hallowe’en Funfair

Ebrington Friday 22nd Saturday 30th October 2pm~10pm Sunday 31st October 2pm~9pm.

Scare yourself silly on the Ghost Train or a trip on the Panoramic Wheel! Lots of thrill rides and family attractions with rides for all ages.

Hallowe’en Harvest Festival in the Park

Brooke Park Saturday 30th October 12noon~4pm. Family friendly.

Hallowe’en Harvest Festival is bringing you a spooky day of family fun to keep everyone entertained. As well as the Scary Scavenger Hunt to find the golden pumpkin, enjoy a host of ‘tricks and treats’ that includes Storytelling, Pumpkin Art & Rock Art, Hallowe’en Face Paint and lots lots more…

The Park After Dark

Creggan Country Park Saturday 30th October 12noon~4pm Adm: £10pp. Ages 7+

Go on a moonlit bat safari around the park with special bat detecting equipment. You will ‘hear’ bats as they fly around the woodland and water. On the walk, you will also hear some scary local ghost tales. On return to the activity centre, you will be treated to a BBQ at Tasty Reel.

Creepy Quest

Creggan Country Park Saturday 30th October 12noon~4pm Adm: Free. Ages 3~8.

Take part in our Creepy Quest, Let’s see who’s best, Put on your costume, go out the door, To Creggan Country Park, you’ll explore Walk around the path, take care Find all the clues if you dare!

This is a self led walk. Collect your activity sheet from staff member.

House of Horrors

Old House of Value, Long’s Supermarket, Strand Road. Monday 25th Saturday 30th October Adm: £5pp. Tickets at 028 71 268 748.

Zombie Apocalypse

Lock ‘n’ Load, Londonderry Wed 27th Sun 31st October Adm: £12pp.

Can you make it out alive?!?! We need the bravest squad to go in and defeat the zombies battle it out in a live action Laser Tag Game in a 5,000 sqft ultra violet lit themed arena filled with dense fog, eerie sounds and worst of all killer zombies!!

Book at: www.locknloadderry.comGothic Organ Performance

Guildhall Main Hall Sunday 31st October 7.30~8.30pm.

Come and get into the Hallowe’en Spirit with Count Dracula (Stewart Smith) playing gothic music that will send you off with a spooky feeling ready for the firework display.

Fireworks Finale!

River Foyle Sunday 31st October 9pm.

The city is delighted that the breathtaking fireworks will return to Derry Hallowe’en 2021! Watch the Samhain skies come alive with colour as this decade~old tradition returns with a bang out over the Rover Foyle!