Parents and children enjoy Izak9 Maths Challenge at Greenhaw PS

Greenhaw Primary School witnessed a fantastic turnout of pupils, parents and grandparents for last week’s exciting Izak9 Maths Challenge Night at the local school.

Friday, 15th March 2019, 8:53 am
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 9:56 am
Parents and children enjoying the fun at Thursday nightâ¬"s event in Greenhaw Primary School.

Izak9 is a unique, radical and innovative maths resource from Qubizm, a company which specialises in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

It is an immersive, multi-media rich, active learning device designed for use by children in the primary and post-primary sector and also helps in the delivery of teachers personal and professional development training in the curricular area of mathematics.

The event was hosted and facilitated at Greenhaw Primary School by Ian Campbell, a mathematics educationalist and professional facilitator at Qubizm.

Commenting on the success of the evening, Mr Campbell said: “This is one of the best parent/pupil evenings I’ve facilitated, it was a really interactive and informative night.

“Everyone, parents, pupils and staff totally enjoyed the evening’s event and they were engaged and positive throughout.”

Founder of Qubizm, Mr Franz Schlindwein, believes in the importance of ‘Learning through play.’

He describes this form of learning as being ‘Rich, shared, open ended, investigative and most importantly, fun.’

Principal of Greenhaw Primary and Nursery School, Mr Shaun McLaughlin, concurred with this theory after the event in the school.

He said: “The staff of Greenhaw Primary and Nursery School support Mr Schlindwein’s philosophy. Children will learn better when they are engaged, challenged, interested and most importantly, happy.

“This mathematics resource certainly provides the children and indeed their teachers with a fantastic teaching and learning tool, relevant to a progressive curriculum in this age of ever-changing technological advances and multi-media innovation.”

Mr McLaughlin concluded by thanking Qubizm, and in particular, Mr Ian Campbell and Mr Franz Schlindwein for their ongoing pupil, parental and staff support with the Izak 9 resource at Greenhaw Primary School.