People of Derry have helped to improve the lives of 2.9m people

Khadra Sudie Daud, with her family next their new home at the Qahnxsley IDP camp.
Khadra Sudie Daud, with her family next their new home at the Qahnxsley IDP camp.

Trócaire has thanked the people of Derry for their vital support over the last year which has allowed the charity to help 2.9 million people in 27 of the poorest countries across the world.

The figures were released recently in the charity’s annual report which showed that the scale of Trócaire’s work increased in 2018/2019.

Raising more than £20.5 from donations, the charity thanked the public for their support, highlighting the significant contribution the people of Derry and across the island, continue to make to Trócaire’s work.

The Lenten campaign remains Trócaire’s largest fundraiser, generating over £6.7m, with Christmas also becoming increasingly important.

Last year the organisation raised more than £2m during its Christmas appeal as people responded to conflicts affecting families in countries such as Yemen and South Sudan.

This was one of the strongest Christmas campaigns of the charity’s history and reflected an increase of almost 10% on 2017.

Of the 2.9 million people the organisation supported last year, 1.9 million people received humanitarian support, while 496,000 were supported to improve their access to land and water.

A further 272,000 people were assisted by the organisation’s Women’s Empowerment programme, while 207,000 people received human rights support.

Commenting on the recent report, Siobhán Hanley, head of region for Trócaire in Northern Ireland said: “Thank you to the people of Derry.

“The generosity of the public in Northern Ireland continues to leave an enormous footprint across the world.

“Trócaire works with local partners so that we can reach as many vulnerable people as possible.

“We are thankful to have been able to help improve the lives of 2.9m people facing poverty and injustices.”