Danny Lynch is a local musician and videographer. He said: "I prefer to go to the till most times, I don’t like the self service checkouts, the self service checkouts are probably taking people’s jobs. The way things are going with automation and things like that, I think we need to be creating jobs for people and not just saving money for corporations, especially ones who are massive and already have enough money. We’ve got loads of people unemployed and wages are stagnating. We need people in these positions, so put a human in there instead of a robot." DER2144GS – 022

Derry Vox Pop: Do you prefer checkout or self-service?

Conor McClean took to the streets to ask local people about their views on staffed check outs and automated self-service devices in shops.

By Conor McClean
Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 4:51 pm
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