St. Patrick's Community to hold Festival in Waterside

Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership has secured Peace IV funding to deliver the Waterside Shared Village Project, including funding for a St. Patrick's Festival this month.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 11:34 am

This is an ambitious cross community project delivered in partnership with Hillcrest Trust in Top of the Hill and Irish Street Community Association.

There is a largescale capital build project for the site of the old Clondermott school where there are plans to develop shared community and sporting facilities for the local communities in Top of the Hill and Irish Street.

A spokesperson said: “We are running cross community programmes from children’s football, basketball, homework support for GCSE Students in English Maths and Science, free afterschools clubs, diversionary youth programme, cross border project for older people and early years project.

“We are also delivering a number of large scale events the first of which is the St Patrick’s Festival in March.”

The festival is being delivered over six days, from Monday, March 5 to Saturday, March 10 on the Clondermott old School Site in the community marquee.

“We have everything from an older people’s event on Monday with bingo, food and a tea dance, Tuesday is the women’s event with a Flamenco workshop and Spanish lunch.

“Then in the evening we are celebrating 100 years since women secured the vote and we have a keynote speaker, Prof Cathy Higgins, and plenary session followed by a dinner,” said the spokesperson.

Wednesday is a minding mum event with Zumbathon in the evening. Thursday is the Step Challenge a celebration of the walking groups throughout the Waterside. Then Thursday Night is a boxing Tournament.

Friday is a WW1 event with local primary schools with exhibitions and living history and artefacts. Friday night is the play Eastbankers, written and produced by Jonathan Burgess, and the actors are locals from Irish Street and Top of the Hill, followed by Ceidhli music and dancing.

Saturday is jam packed with a junior football tournament and then family Funday with neighbourhood youth event It’s A Knock-Out in the evening, which will involve teams from throughout the Waterside area.