‘Sylvier’ to launch debut single tonight

Derry based singer-songwriter, Sylvier, will launch her debut single in Bennigan's Bar on Friday.
Derry based singer-songwriter, Sylvier, will launch her debut single in Bennigan's Bar on Friday.

Derry based singer-songwriter, ‘Sylvier’, will launch her debut single ‘Hard To Find’ in Bennigan’s Bar tonight.

‘Sylvier’, whose real name is Emma Hughes, is originally from Donegal Town but has been living and studying in Derry for the last two years.

“I am so excited about the single launch - all of the work over the last few months will be worthwhile,” said Emma.

Emma’s stage name, ‘Sylvier’, owes it origins to her grandfather but manager, Paul Brown, contributed too.

“My favourite name is my grandfather’s name, Sylvester but obviously I wanted to make it more feminine. Paul suggested adding letters i, e and r to the end of Slyv and the rest is history as they say - I really like the name.”

In recent weeks, Emma and manager, Paul, have been busy preparing for the single launch and even found time to record a music video.

“It’s been an amazing few weeks,” said Emma who is studying Music Production at North West Regional College.

“Ever since I was in my early teens I dreamt of a day when I would be writing and performing my own music and here I am now, in my late twenties, ready to realise that dream.”

Emma lists old style R&B and soul music as her major influences and the acts and performers she takes inspiration from include Justin Timberlake, T.L.C. and Destiny’s Child.

“I get so much out of writing lyrics and music,” said Emma.

“My debut single, ‘Hard to Find’, depicts a conversation that I wanted to have with a guy I met a few years ago. On one side, it’s about experiencing intense feelings for someone but it’s also about not losing yourself within them. I wanted to represent that with light.

“There was zero budget but lots of amazing friends who helped us to make the video.”

Emma’s manager, Paul, has helped several well known local artists achieve greater public exposure. Paul described Emma as one of the most talented young artists he had ever worked with.

“Emma is super-talented, innovative and innovative. I’ve really enjoyed working with Emma and her music is top class. I am really looking forward to Friday’s single launch,” said Paul.

‘Hard to Find’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital retailers and has received instant support from BBC Radio Foyle.

‘Sylvier’ will perform at her first ever live show tonight in Bennigan’s Bar alongside ‘Wake America’, Jessica Doherty and Rebecca Mulhern. Tickets cost £5.