It’s Game-On for Derry!

Paddy Jones of Game On. (0404PG02)
Paddy Jones of Game On. (0404PG02)
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Derry gamers are being given the chance to take on the best in the world thanks to a new club opening in the city.

Game-On opens above Cash Makers on Shipquay Street tomorrow and those behind the club say it’s being set up to nurture local talent and see Derry gamers compete at international events.

“We know there are some great gamers out there,” Liam Weir told the ‘Journal’ this week.

“There’s never been a gamer from here competing in the major international competitions.

“People here have the talent needed and deserve to have the chance to show that on the world stage.”

He says it is hoped members will come from “all over Derry, Donegal and further afield”.

Big stuff

Gaming has become huge globally over the last 20 years, and is now the most lucrative entertainment medium in the world - outstripping both the movie and music industries.

Major competitions in some of the most popular games, like the FIFA soccer titles or the Call of Duty series, attracts thousands of entrants from across the globe - and huge prize pots.

Game-On will have a membership of 50, and each gamer will pay £25 for three months’ membership.

In return gamers will have access to the very latest games, consoles and high tech screens.

“This is not about making any sort of profit and membership fees are there to cover our costs. It works out at under £2 per week, “ Liam says.

Membership is also restricted to gamers aged 16 and over.

Anyone interested can contact Liam on 71377366, or call into Cash Makers tomorrow.

More information is also available on Facebook - search for Game-On.