Tommy Fleming brings ‘Voice of Hope II’ to the Millennium Forum next week

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Much-loved singer Tommy Fleming is set to return to the Millennium Forum this February for the Voice of Hope II tour.

He recorded the original Voice of Hope 14 years ago in Knock Basilica, and it became one of the biggest selling Irish albums ever.

Speaking ahead of the Derry show on February 22, Tommy said: “The first voice of Hope was in 2004, and lots of people were asking for years after if we were going to do another one. I always thought that you could never repeat what was done. I’m very much a believer that I never go down the road I came up. We were at a wedding in Galway Cathedral, and I couldn’t help but notice the majesty of it all, it was just gorgeous.”

The DVD was shot in the Cathedral on September 12, 2018, and Tommy said he is “really proud of it”.

The singer is looking forward to coming back to Derry for what he believes is around the 20th time.

“The Derry audience are the best there is. You know where you stand with them that’s for sure. What I love about them is they let you know what they like, and they let you know what they don’t like, and that’s always a great thing for an audience.”

With this tour, Tommy said it’s not an entirely new show, as he is reluctant to give an audience “all new stuff”.

“There’s nothing worse than that. So we have a few new songs for the show, like Hallelujah. For the first time ever outside of my local church I will be signing How Great Thou Art. Of course we will have the Derry staples of Danny Boy and The Town I Love So Well. There’s a lot of the older stuff that the audience really want to hear. It’s going to be a big show with the orchestra.

“I’ve gone back to my roots from the Irish point of view. I just think there has been something bringing me back to them over the years.”

Tickets are now on sale.