Top steak awards for Foyle Food Group

Foyle Food Group have scooped six awards at the annual ‘World Steak Challenge.’

Friday, 26th July 2019, 9:58 am

The World Steak Challenge, held in the Fire Restaurant and Lounge in Dublin recently, was launched in 2015 to deliver a recognised stamp of quality to support world-class steak production on a global platform and to promote it to consumers as a positive choice in a healthy balanced lifestyle.

It gives steak producers a unique platform to benchmark product quality, breed credentials and processing standards on the international stage.

At last year’s World Steak Challenge, Foyle Food Group were extremely proud to have received a Gold Medal for their Dry Aged Sirloin as well as a Bronze Medal for their Ribeye Steak.

This year Foyle have done even better and are extremely proud to have receive Two Gold Medals for their Tesco Dry Aged Sirloin and Tesco Finest Ribeye Steak, Two Silver Medals for their Tesco Finest Fillet Steak and Dry Aged Ribeye and two Bronze Medals for their Tesco Finest Sirloin and Millar and Carter Steaks.

“We are delighted of what we have been able to achieve in the World Steak Challenge both past and present.

“All our cattle are fed on a grass-fed diet and therefore the result is a leaner, tender and juicier piece of meat. We are continuously improving our quality of meat and therefore look forward to competing again next year to see if we can do one better,” said Terry Acheson CEO of Foyle Food Group.

An exclusive panel of meat scientists, chefs, butchers, farmers, food writers and bloggers identify the best steaks throughout the competition. “The judging is independent and monitored at every stage. All steaks are coded throughout the judging process so that the producer’s name and country of origin will not be revealed until both Stage 1 and Stage 2 are complete,” said a World Steak Challenge Representative. The judges were convened to a blind test and taste of more than 300 Sirloin, Fillet and Rib Eye steaks and each entry was judged both raw and cooked.