Creggan Hill safe crossing campaign continues

The campaign for a safe pedestrian crossing at Creggan Hill continues with local People Before Profit Councillors Maeve O'Neill and Shaun Harkin recently meeting a Department of Infrastructure official to discuss the matter.

The meeting follows a protest held by local residents to highlight the road safety concerns at the crossing and a motion that was passed at Council in May demanding safety improvements.

Colr. O'Neill said: "We are continuing to push for measures that will improve the safety of this crossing. People with disabilities, mobility aids, prams and young children, in particular find this crossing dangerous.

"We held a meeting with local residents in July to inform the safety measures that are needed and in our meeting today we pushed for a drop kerb, a controlled pedestrian crossing and slow down, '20s plenty' signs around the school and park entrance.

A previous protest at Creggan Hill.


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"More needs to be done to ensure safe access to our schools and parks, not just on road safety but also on air quality. We are continuing to work with Council to explore measures that will improve air quality as well as these road safety measures."

Campaigners are demanding safe pedestrian access to Brooke Park.