High praise for city in Pittsburgh newspaper

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Derry continues to impress its international visitors, with the latest praise coming courtesy of US paper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Last week’s piece, written by reporter Mackenzie Carpenter following a recent visit here, speaks of a “remarkable revival” in the region’s fortunes.

“Once synonymous with sectarian violence, Northern Ireland’s second city is experiencing a remarkable revival as it prepares to be the first ‘UK City of Culture’ in 2013 - a yearlong series of events tapping into Derry’s deep, rich reservoirs of artistic, musical and intellectual talent,” she wrote.

Among those she spoke to were Pat Hume, wife of Nobel Laureate John Hume, Rev David Latimer and musician Frank Gallagher.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ this week, the US-based reporter said of her trip: “I was on my way to cover the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, But Ireland just blew me away. I had never visited before. The Irish are funny, poetic and liable to burst into song at any moment. What could be better?”

She added: “I was quite taken by Derry and all the cultural offerings, not to mention the friendly people and the lovely setting.

“I am saving my pennies to return! Ireland - north and south - is magical, and Derry is especially so.”