Safety concerns over 'one of the worst junctions in Derry'

A local MLA has called for road safety measures at what he has described as 'one of the worst junctions in Derry'.

The Tamnaherin and Brockagh crossroads.
The Tamnaherin and Brockagh crossroads.

SDLP MLA Mark H. Durkan has expressed safety concerns over the Tamnaherin and Brockagh crossroads at Tamnaherin.

“This once very rural area has experienced significant growth in recent years and with that growth comes increased traffic. Construction is ongoing for a primary school along the Ervey Road which will likely serve to further exacerbate the volumes of vehicles along this route.

"There is also a high number of HGVs using these roads and I understand that wheels are in motion for an updated traffic survey for Eglinton, a provision which I’ve been calling for for quite some time.

"It is imperative that steps are now taken to improve road safety on the B118 road, chiefly at the junction between Tamnaherin and Brockagh Road," said Mr. Durkan.

The local representative explained that on a recent visit to the site he was shocked to witness just how dangerous the approach was for road users to navigate.

"It is near impossible for motorists to approaching the junction to see oncoming traffic in both directions due to the treacherous nature of the blind corners. Additionally, the speed at which some vehicles travel on these roads is hugely concerning and poses particular danger to pedestrians crossing on foot to access the bus-stop nearby.

“I would argue that this has to be one of the worst junctions in Derry. The dearth of protections is cause for concern and it really is an accident waiting to happen," he said.

Mr. Durkan said he has written to the Department of Infrastructure requesting further safety measures.

"The department has been aware of this issue for a number of years and while traffic surveys, which I had requested, have been arranged at approaches to the junction the assessment process remains incomplete. In prior correspondence DfI Roads communicated to myself that if they felt road network improvements were deemed justifiable they would be added to a future works programme.

“This is simply not good enough. Road safety improvements are needed in this area as a matter of urgency. While I have requested the refresh of road markings in the interim, a more robust approach is needed to address the significant and warranted safety concerns. I’ve written to the Infrastructure Minister to expedite this process and deliver protections for all road users in the area.”