There’s more to the Belfast Mal

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As a shopper, and a fan of all things big city, for me, there is no better location than Malmaison Belfast. Now I know, there’s no better Sunday brunch either. The Mal Sunday menu, running every Sunday, is marketed as the ultimate Sunday brunch menu and make no mistake about it - it is.

Wandering into the boutique hotel on the first day of a two week summer break was the ultimate in relaxation. And the brunch menu, expertly explained by chef Josh and Maitre D Paul was foody heaven.

The menu boasts three courses with dishes to suit all tastes for just £19.95 per person. Kids under 12 are also invited to join the party for £7.95.

Firstly, diners are invited to start with a tasty selection of hors d’oeuvres from the Chef’s Table, which boasts a generous selection of cold meats including cured hams and salamis, artisan cheese, crackers, chutneys and delicious terrines. A tasty array of freshly prepared salads are on offer, alongside crusty baked breads and delicious freshly baked pastries.

The chef will also make waffles and crepes for those with a sweet tooth. The Chef’s table is just an introduction to the dining experience and the main course caters for every possible taste from huevos rancheros, swordfish, steak frites, and of course traditional prime rib, or chicken roast with the trimmings and there’s even a traditional Sunday lunch option. I chose the Rump Steak at Mal Belfast, cooked to absolute perfection I quickly realised, this is a renaissance in the concept of Sunday afternoon dining. All this comes before the dessert menu featuring Crepes Suzette, Crème Brulee, sticky toffee pudding, and the legendary Mal Sundae.

For fans of food, fine wine and family meals, you won’t get any better than this.

Throw in the chance for a city break when travelling from Derry and you have the ultimate in weekend relaxation. The standards of dining in the boutique hotel are replicated in every other aspect of customer service and with unique and design led interiors, the whole ‘Mal’ experience is a must. The brunch alone is worth making the trip to Belfast for!