Travel Guide heaps lavish praise on Beech Hill Hotel

Patsy O'Kane, owner of the Beech Hill Hotel at Ardmore, Derry. (0302BM30)
Patsy O'Kane, owner of the Beech Hill Hotel at Ardmore, Derry. (0302BM30)

One of the most prestigious travel guides has heaped praise on Derry’s Beech Hill Country House Hotel.

The Bridgestone guide to the 100 best places to stay in Ireland says that what makes Beech Hill so special is that everyone working for the hotel is always trying to do their best to make sure everything is done right. That, say the authors, is the art of hotel keeping, “the very essence of the art we look for in the Bridgestone Guides.

They say that Beech Hill’s owner, Patsy O’Kane, who they describe as “one of the greatest hoteliers” is “mistress of that art and practices that art every day in her work for this beautiful early 18th century house.”

Beech Hill is described as “a palace of hospitality” and the authors finish their tribute with the words “give this woman a peerage”.

Mrs. O’Kane said: “It’s a great honour to be written about like this in such an important guide book and it can do us nothing but good. The guide is read by people who really are intending to travel to Ireland and people who are looking for the best accommodation and the best food. There is no doubt that what the Bridgestone guide says will bring more overseas tourists to us this year.”