Volunteers wanted for Derry Samaritans

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The Derry branch of the Samaritans say are currently seeking volunteers to help cope the “extra high demand” they are currently experiencing.

The Derry branch has been providing its service for over 40 years and will host information sessions next week around getting involved with the charity. By offering emotional support to callers, Samaritans says its vision is that fewer people die by suicide. Derry Branch Director, Lindsay said: “No matter what the issue, Samaritans listen to callers and provide emotional support. Samaritans provide emotional support to people who are in distress or despair or who are feeling suicidal. Our volunteers provide support to anyone who contacts them, whoever they are, however they are feeling, and whatever life has done to them. We just wouldn’t exist without the dedication and commitment of our volunteers”

Joe who is a volunteer with the organisation said: “Over the past few years the demand for our service and the volume of calls has increased so much with the introduction of a free phone number which is free to call in both the UK and Ireland. This number does not show up on phone bills and also works from mobiles, even when they are out of credit 116 123.

“With the extra high demand, we really could do with more volunteers. The information sessions we are holding next week will allow people to find out more about what Samaritans do. At any stage the person can decide if becoming a listener is not for them and there is no judgement made. We don’t just select people, people select themselves. So many people have the ability to become a Samaritan, you don’t need any qualifications, all you need is to be a good listener, non-judgmental and the ability to empathise. With these qualities and the training we receive you are well prepared to offer support.” The Derry branch Of Samaritans cover the whole North West with the help of volunteers from Derry, Donegal and Tyrone. Information sessions will be held on Monday, February 6 and Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00pm at 16 Clarendon St.

For more information about volunteering, visit, www.samaritans.org.

or telephone Sharon on 07562669080. For confidential emotional support Free Phone 116 12