VOTING NOW OPEN: Derry Journal People of the Year Outstanding Bravery Award

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Voting is now open in the Derry Journal People of the Year Awards ‘Outstanding Bravery’ category.

Sponsored by the Sandwich Co and Connor and Company, the winner of this award will be announced at the People of the Year Awards ceremony in the Waterfoot Hotel on Thursday, September 5.


TEXT – text the code DJ (space) BRAVERY (space) followed by the two digit number of the person you want to vote for and send to: 85100

(EXAMPLE: DJ BRAVERY 01) *Cost per text is 50p

Text line closes at 12 noon on Friday, August 23, 2019

Remember you can vote as many times as you like.

You can also vote via a coupon in the Derry Journal.

Read about our finalists below.

Odhran McKane - 01

On August 2, 2018 Odhran McKane entered the water to pull a man out of the River Foyle. Odhran was working as a Leisure Attendant, at Templemore Sports Complex, where part of his role was to supervise as a lifeguard. Odhran, one of Ireland’s leading elite triathletes, had been training along the Foyle that day, when he saw the man go in to the dangerous waters. Odhran at first tried to help the man by throwing him life belts, but when this failed, he assessed the situation, then dived in, swimming towards the man. He was able to bring the man back to the shore and performed CPR on him until the emergency services arrived. Unfortunately the man passed away two days later. Even though the outcome wasn’t the one Odhran would have liked, the man’s family had their loved one with them at his end and Odhran’s bravery had saved them from the agonising walks that many families have endured to retrieve their loved one’s body. Odhran’s granny was also very ill at the time and passed away the morning after he had brought the man back to shore. Odhran’s willingness to put his own life at risk to rescue that of another, putting the man before himself, demonstrates the true meaning of heroism: bravery, courage and determination.

Eva Cassidy - 02

Eva sadly lost her uncle to suicide in the River Foyle five years ago and since then for a young girl of her age she has shown bravery in a way that any parent would be proud of. Eva was very close to her uncle and in her saddest moments decided to do something to help others who were dealing with the impact of suicide. During the search for her uncle she became close with Foyle Search and Rescue who helped to search and bring her uncle Gary home and wanted to do something in return for all their help. Eva began selling raffle tickets, knocking on people’s door for contributions and raised a grand total of over £1,000 for Foyle Search and Rescue. To this day she is always there for their annual flag days, still knocking on doors. Bravery can be shown is so many ways but to be so young but be brave enough to still keep smiling when you’re crying inside, is what little Eva has done; she is a brave, strong and appreciative young lady now.

Deboragh Quigley - 03

Deboragh Quigley is a disabled woman who has severe illnesses and has just lost her husband and son in the space of six weeks, yet she has still been able to help over 30 families with school uniforms to those with financial difficulties.

Deboragh also does hampers at Christmas to help families in need and at any time of the year, always putting others needs before her own.

The person who nominated Deboragh said they feel she deserves recognition for all she does as she is the most selfless person they know considering her own disabilities and health problems.

Deboragh’s only way of getting around is on a mobility scooter. She also suffers from severe epilepsy and often has seizures which have hospitalised her and left her with very bad bruising especially to her face.