Why Mary Black is cutting back on touring to be a hands on granny

Irish singer Mary Black has revealed that she's cutting back her time on the road because she wants to spend more time being a granny.

Monday, 11th April 2016, 3:10 pm
Updated Monday, 11th April 2016, 5:57 pm

Black, who plays Derry’s Millennium Forum on April 23, has spent the last 35 years on the road, and although she says she would never give up touring completely, she wants to be a hands on granny to her two little grand-daughters.

“Time is of the essence and I want to make room for things that are important to me,” she told the ‘Journal.’

“Touring is taking it out of me.

“I made the sacrifice for my own kids, that was the hardest thing and the family had to do a lot of juggling.

“I made a rule that I would never be away from them for anymore than three weeks. It was hard and I have no regrets. I love singing and I am lucky I was able to do both.

“But I do wish that I’d had a little more time when my children were small.

“Now I have my granddaughters I’ve decided that I want to be an important part of their lives.”

A jet lagged Mary Black said she’s just returned from her last ever tour of Australia, a country where her music is legendary.

But she says there’s nothing quite like a tour of Ireland, and in particular Derry where she has performed in many venues over the years.

“Anytime we toured in Ireland we came to Derry,” she said. “And I remember playing in St Columb’s Hall. There was always a great atmosphere and audience.”

For those die hard fans of Mary, and those who maybe just want to get to know her that little bit better, the songstress has recently released her autobiography ‘Down the Crooked Road’ which details Mary’s rise to stardom and her years living in Rathlin Island.

“I’d been approached a few times before and asked to write a book,” said Mary, “but I thought what would I be doing writing a book. I thought there was no way that I’d be able to fill a book.

“I got my daughter Roisin to help me. I told her - you type and I’ll tell the story.

“Roisin really helped me tell my story and put colour into it.

“People tell me they’ve found it interesting and I supposed that people who like your music like to find out more about you.”

In Derry Mary says she’ll be singing all the old favourite as well as songs that have been tied in with the chapters in her book.

“I love the interaction and people singing along,” with me said. “I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a room full of people singing together. I know I won’t be able to do this forever so for the moment I’m enjoying it.

To book tickets contact the Millennium Forum on www.millenniumforum.co.uk or ring the box office on 02871264455