1,000 in for 70 social houses

More than 1,000 people will be competing for 70 new social houses at Buncrana Road, according to Sinn Féin councillor Tony Hassan.

Colr. Hassan said the situation highlights the severity of what he described as the “social housing crisis” in the city.

“The number of new social houses that are currently being built in Derry and the amount that are planned for the next few years is not enough to meet the demand,” he said.

“If you take the next new builds, 70 units of social housing on the Buncrana road as an example - a project which should be ready in November of this year, over 1000 homeless people who are on the waiting list will be looking for one of these homes. That tells you there is a serious crisis in social housing in the city,” he explained.

Colr. Hassan said legislation is required to tackle the problem. “The current housing crisis means that hundreds are trapped on social housing waiting lists, more homes will be repossessed and then those people will be looking for social homes. This is a never ending story.

“I believe that the strongest signal that could be sent out from the Department of Social Development and the Minister is that they are going to seriously tackle the housing crisis head on,” he said.