£1,000 worth of cocaine, a quad, car and pram seized over one ‘crazy weekend’

Police have appealed for information
Police have appealed for information

A thousand pounds worth of cocaine, a quad, a stolen pram, a car and a small quantity of cannabis were seized by police in Derry last weekend, Strand Road has confirmed.

The items were recovered by the PSNI’s Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Team in the greater Shantallow and Galliagh area during what officers described as “a crazy weekend”.

In a post on the PSNI’s local social media profile, officers revealed that the cocaine was recovered after they “saw a van in Clon Elagh which made a strange manoeuvre upon seeing police”.

The drugs were recovered following a stop and search operation, the PSNI said.

A pram that was stolen in January, a quad that had been “tearing around Galliagh”, a car with no insurance, and a small amount of cannabis, were also seized by police in several unrelated swoops over the weekend, police confirmed.