£13m spent on roads in the city

The Roads Service have spent more than £13 million in Derry over the last twelve months.

In the Roads Service’s interim report to Derry City Council for 2010/2011, the organisation said that £13,534,030 will be spent in the city by the end of the year.

The bulk of that, £9,012,030, was spent on strategic road improvements, including the Culmore Road Roundabout, and Madam’s Bank Road works.

£1,122,000 was spent on street lighting across the city while £250,000 was spent on winter service, which includes gritting and snow clearing.

The report, which will be presented to local councillors later today, also states that “drivers have generally adapted” to the new Culmore Road roundabout. It also states that video monitoring “has allowed fine tuning” of the traffic signal timings to ensure traffic flows more smoothly.

The report also reveals that the proposed major redevelopment of the Buncrana Road, which is set to include widening of the existing road, will not go ahead for six years.

“Construction of Buncrana Road improvements is unlikely to start before 2017-2018 - towards the end of the Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland funding period.

“Consequently no further development of the scheme will take place for the time being,” the report reveals.