16 year-old conned by man who sold fake Iphone 6

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A local teenager who was conned out of £430 from a man who sold her a dud Iphone 6 has appealed to local people to be careful when buying phones from Internet selling sites.

Chloe Tang, (16) from Newbuildings, thought she’d bagged a bargain when she saw an Iphone 6 for sale on an online selling site for £460.

“I rang up and the seller agreed to give it to me for £430,” she said. “I’ve been working in a take away all year to save up for a phone like this and my Mum gave me some money towards it too.

“We met in the man in a car park at McDonalds on the Strand Road before I went to school on Tuesday morning.”

The schoolgirl said the seller was not in a car, but walked towards them wearing a tracksuit and black sweatshirt and hoody. She also said he had a local accent.

“I asked to check the phone and it looked like a proper Iphone 6,” said Chloe. “It had the charger, earphones and plastic film and barcode. It also had all the apps.”

They paid the money and the man left.

“It was only when we got back into the car that we realised something was wrong,” she said. “The Iphone had android settings. The phone had been cloned to make it look like an Iphone.”

Chloe said the phone is useless and she can do nothing with it and the sim card doesn’t work.

She said she has rung the seller back to make arrangements to get their money refunded but he hasn’t turned up at the meeting points.

Chloe said she doubts now she will get her money back.

“I feel so stupid,” she said. “I should have taken a better look at the phone.

“I know there are trustworthy people who sell things on the Internet but this wasn’t one of them. You never think there’s such a nasty person who will take your money. This phone probably costs £20 to make and he’s made £430 out of me.

“I just want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

The family have reported the incident to the police.

Last night a number of people on Pat Ramsey’s facebook said that the same thing had happened to them.