20 years of Waterside Voices

The Winter 2012/2013 issue of the popular community magazine Waterside Voices is now in the shops. An issue which reaches a significant milestone - 20 years of the Voices. It began in 1993 and is proud to be around all these years later.

It contains how the Voices began by Roy Arbuckle ‘The First Waterside Voices’ while Ernie Falconer looks back with ‘Reflections’.

It also pays tribute with writings from prominent figures in its 20 year history with articles from Sam Starrett ‘Home for Christmas’ and the late Alfred Hutchinson ‘Learning the Piano’.

Present day articles see Michael Burns continue his memories in ‘The Waterside and Me’ while Jeanette Warke takes us on her memories in ‘A Forty Year Journey’. Emma Smyth recalls years of the Voices in her poem ‘A Fitting Tribute’. Hilary McClintock explains all about ‘City of Culture 2013’ while Margaret Campbell celebrates the same event in her poem ‘City of Culture’.

Ken McCormack takes us back to the pictures in ‘Midland Magic’ and John Lynch remembers a famous song in ‘Finvola - Gem of the Roe’. John McCormack once again offers an interesting remembrance of history in ‘The River Foyle Tragedy of 1891’. ‘The Boys of 1933’ by Conal McHugh/Barney Murray takes us back to school.

The magazine has ‘Pictures from the Past’ - all these and more to be found in the Winter 2012/2013 issue of the Voices.

Waterside Voices Winter 2012/2013 issue is on sale at all Waterside newsagents, including Eason, Shipquay Books, Northside, Shantallow - Garden City as well as at Strathfoyle, Caw, Prehen, Drumahoe, Eglinton.