2000k trip for cheap fuel


With fuel prices reaching record highs, the co-owner of a leading Inishowen haulage firm yesterday told the ‘Journal’ he would rather make a 2000km round trip to fill up his tank than pay hiked-up fuel prices here.

Peter Bradley from Bradley Haulage in Buncrana said the uncertainty in the diesel market has left him with no choice but to buy up to 90% of his fuel abroad, as the rising costs are putting his business at risk.

Ahead of tomorrow’s big fuel protest in Letterkenny, petrol prices in Muff rose once again yesterday, with petrol reaching a massive 146.9 and diesel priced at 142.6 per litre.

Mr Bradley confirmed he will not be attending the rally, as he believes people should be taking their protest to the capital.

“Politicians in Dublin don’t give a damn about what we do up here in Donegal. These fuel rises are threatening businesses all over Inishowen, and it’s all down to the taxes and the government. We have no choice but buy our fuel abroad.

“In Belgium diesel is about 12 or 15 cent cheaper than it is here in Ireland.”

The businessman, who co-owns the family firm with his brother, said not only is fuel cheaper on the continent, but the firm also receive a three cent tax rebate from governments there.

“They used to give rebates in Ireland, but they stopped that recently saying it was against EU law. Yet Belgium, France and Spain all provide rebates. So how does the government explain that?

“I could employ five people tomorrow but I wouldn’t even dream of expanding my business the way things are at the moment. Diesel prices are through the roof and you couldn’t guess how things will be so we’re sitting tight for the time being.”

Independent election candidate Ryan Stewart, who has been involved with the protest organisers JML transport in Convoy, says this is people’s chance to protest and Inishowen should support the event. The protesters will meet at 10am tomorrow morning along the dual carriageway on the way approach to Letterkenny.