25,000 euro for 5% of ‘cats’ eyes’ to Moville

A 25,000 euro allocation towards ‘cats eyes’ on the Muff to Moville road would provide approximately 5km of the road markings, it has been confirmed.

Councillor Martin Farren has called for cats eyes to be installed on the stretch of road, which he said, has “very little” lighting and is “very, very dark” at night, especially in winter.

At the recent Inishowen Municipal District meeting, Colr Farren asked how far they would extend, should the application for 25,000 euro under the low cost safety fund be successful. He also asked that the ‘black spots’ on the road be completed first.

Stephen Hopkins, senior engineer with the Council’s roads department, said this budget would provide approximately 25km of cats eyes, which equtes to around 25% of the overall distance between Muff and Moville. He added that the input of roads design would be sought in relation to the best location.

At a previous meeting, Councillor Farren said cats eyes on the road would “enhance the whole area” and added that motorists have told him how they have driven from Dublin or Galway and the most difficult part of the jounry was from Muff to Moville.