30 arrested for summer riots in city

Thirty people have been arrested by police in connection with summer rioting in Derry.

A total of 14 people have been charged with having committed offences during disorder in the city on July 12 and August 12.

A further 15 suspects have been reported to the Public Prosecution Service for prosecution while one male is still helping the police with enquiries.

During the last week, three males have been charged with over 30 offences including petrol bombing, encouraging others to riot and hijacking. All three have been remanded in custody ahead of court appearances.

Area Commander, Acting Chief Inspector Jon Burrows, told the ‘Journal’ that more arrests will be made in the coming weeks following “a meticulous and unremitting investigation”.

“Following the disorder on July 12 and August 13, we launched a very thorough investigation and we have arrested 30 people. 14 of them have been charged and in the past week we have seen three men remanded in prison who were charged with serious offences including hijacking and petrol bombing.”

He said his officers were continuing to work closely with community representatives to prevent disorder. But he warned: “Where people get involved in disorder we will pursue them until we catch them and bring them to justice.”

He added: “This investigation is both meticulous and unremitting and rest assured that many more people will be arrested and charged in the coming weeks - the public are fed up with the behaviour of a small number of thugs and we are determined these selfish thugs will face the consequences of their actions.”