40 organs donated from local donors to help those on list

Medics in the process of conductiong a transplant operation. (file pic)
Medics in the process of conductiong a transplant operation. (file pic)

Donors from the Western Trust area last year helped to give dozens of people a new lease of life.

Figures obtained by the ‘Journal’ show that during the 2014/15 year 40 organs and tissues were retrieved from 11 local donors from within the Western Health and Social Care Trust area.

Meanwhile, 25 patients from the Western Trust received renal transplants from a total of 115 carried out at Belfast City Hospital.

Northern Ireland has the highest number of live related donors per head of population in Europe.

A spokeswoman for the National Health Service (NHS) meanwhile has confirmed to the ‘Journal’ that as of December 31st last, there were a total of 155 on the transplant waiting list in Northern Ireland.

The vast majority, 121 patients from across Northern Ireland, were awaiting a kidney (renal) transplant.

Three patients were awaiting kidney and pancreas transplants, 22 were awaiting liver transplants, one was awaiting a heart transplant, seven were waiting for lung transplants and one needing a heart and lung. For the nine months up to January 1, 2016, the NHS data shows there have been 41 kidney transplants in Northern Ireland from deceased donors and a further 49 such operations from living donors.