44,000 euro awarded to siblings

Buncrana courthouse.
Buncrana courthouse.

Three Donegal children have been awarded a total of 44,000 euro after they were involved in a “high impact” road traffic accident.

The ruling was made at a special sitting of Buncrana Circuit Court during which solicitor Patricia McCallum told how the vehicle in which the three children were travelling was “rear-ended” in a high impact collision on August 7th, 2013.

The court heard how the youngest child was four-years-old at the time.

Reports from a physiotherapist and psychologist confirmed all her injuries were psychological. Following the collision, she became usually quiet and wanted to sleep in her parents’ bed. Her mood later returned to normal and her reaction was deemed in the normal limits following a traumatic event. An offer for compensation was made at 12,000 euro.

The second child was five-years-old at the time of the collision. He sustained a minor physical injury to his lumbar spine, of which there are no lasting symptoms.

He also experienced sleep disturbances for a number of weeks and an offer was made in this instance of 12,000.

Three reports were prepared on the third, eldest child. She had been a front seat passenger and felt her seatbelt restrain her in her seat as she was thrust forward and back during the impact. The court heard she placed pressure on her foot and calve in order to limit how she was propelled forward. She experienced some pain when she placed weight on her heel and also intermittent pain in her spine. A medical report noted how her injuries had lasted longer than what would be expected but she would fully recover. An offer of 20,000 had been made in relation to the third child. Ms McCallum said she was recommending all three offers.Judge Eugene O’Kelly granted all three offers and ruled that 1000 euro be released in order to purchase a computer, printer and scanner for the eldest child. The court heard the girl is currently in school and has to increasingly undertake computer work.