44 cases of C-Diff in Western Trust this year

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There have been 44 confirmed cases of C Difficile in the Western Trust since April of this year, the Trust’s medical director Dermot Hughes has revealed.

And there have been seven cases of MRSA infection.

At yesterday’s meeting of the Western Trust Board Mr Hughes said the Public Health Agency C Diff target for the year 2015-2016 was 48 cases.

This equates to a reduction of 32.39% on the baseline figure of 2014/15 which was 71 cases. And while reduction for this year is currently off profile, there is a cumulative C Diff decrease of 7.04% compared to last year.

“We were doing better but the numbers have increased over the winter months,” he said.

Mr Hughes it was important to differentiate between preventable C Diff and non preventable C-Diff.

He added that it was also important to differentiate between community acquired infections and hospital acquired c-diff.

Board members were also told that the Western Trust recently achieved 100% compliance for Caesarean Section surgical site surveillance.

“This was the highest in Northern Ireland,” said Mr Hughes. In Northern Ireland there was a 78.3% average compliance rate.

The incidence of surgical site infection has also decreased, the Board was told.

“This is about a long cycle of improvement,” said Mr Hughes.

“Caesarean sections are very common and we want to keep it as safe as possible.”