47.9% would back a United Ireland in the event of a 'hard Brexit'

Martina Anderson
Martina Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson says new findings that a large plurality of people would support a United Ireland if it kept the North in the European Union after a 'hard Brexit' reveal a deep level of concern about the 'Tory/DUP anti-EU agenda'.

A new LucidTalk poll commissioned by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group in the European Parliament, of which Ms. Anderson is a member, also found that a majority of people in the North now support 'Special Status' within the EU.

Key findings of the poll were: that 57.8 per cent of people support 'Special Status' for the North within the EU; that 47.9 per cent support the North remaining in the EU by joining a United Ireland; that 52.4 per cent believe there will be a reduction in rights as a result of Brexit; and that 75.8 per cent believe EU standards should be maintained post-Brexit.

The Derry-based MEP said: "The results of this opinion poll, which was carried out by LucidTalk and commissioned by GUE/NGL, shows that a majority of people, 57.8 per cent, believe that the North should be given 'Special Status within the EU, including remaining in the customs union and single market.

"This vote, just like that of the majority who voted to remain in the EU in last year's referendum, is drawn from all sections of society across the North.

"The poll also shows that a majority [sic] 47.9 per cent, believe that the north should remain in the EU by becoming part of a United Ireland in the event of a 'hard Brexit.'

"It also found that 52.4 per cent of people believe that there will be a decrease in rights as a result of Brexit.

"This shows the deep level of concern about the Tory/DUP Brexit agenda and reinforces that the DUP do not represent the views of the people of the people of the North.

"While of course this is an opinion poll, it also chimes with what we have been hearing in our engagements with people from all sections of society from across the north.

"What this shows is that more and more people now realise that securing special status for the north within the EU is achievable and offers the best protection for the Good Friday Agreement and citizens rights."