48 hour warning issued to‘scumbag’ criminals’

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A group calling itself ‘Protecting Inishowen’s Community’ (PIC) has issued a warning to what it calls “scumbags” in the peninsula engaging in criminal activity, stating they have 48 hours to “get out.”

In a typed letter sent to the ‘Journal’ yesterday and which is understood to have been distributed in Buncrana, ‘PIC’ made reference to a recent incident, stating it occurred in response to “muggings, break-ins, knife attacks and dealing drugs.”

The group alleged a property in the town is the headquarters for a gang which, it maintains, has been carrying out the crimes referenced, described as “attacks” on the local community, stating: “We, the PIC, will not stand for these scumbags.This is the first and only warning. Anybody engaging in these acts will be dealt with.

“‘You know who you are.

‘You have 48 hours to get out.”

Gardai in Buncrana were not available yesterday to respond.