4G signal plays havoc with Rosemount TVs

The Telefonica 02 mast at Glenowen Park, Derry. DER5014MC037
The Telefonica 02 mast at Glenowen Park, Derry. DER5014MC037

A number of homes in Rosemount have experienced major disruption to their television signals because of the installation of 4G signals in the area, the Journal has learned.

Recent upgrades to pylons have left several homes in the Glenowen area with severe interference to their tv receptions according to Independent Councillor Darren Reilly who says people have been unable to contact the telephone operators responsible for the 4G signals.

Glenowen resident Ann Marie Wilson said her signal worsened immediately after upgrade work to a recent pylon.

“The picture was instantly distorted and snowy. This was at the beginning of November. I just put it down to windy weather maybe shifting the aerial on our roof. The next evening an elderly couple who live next door came in and said they couldn’t watch their tv at all. It seems to be because we’re so close to the pylon and it’s been particularly bad since the 4G was switched on.”

Colr. Reilly said: “Not everyone in the current climate can afford Sky TV and for those people depending on signals from their TV aeriels it’s not acceptable that they have to put up with this. These are young families and elderly people and a lot of the time watching TV in the evening is their only social outlet.

“It seems to me that what we have here is big corporations coming into a local community and very little consultation with the people who live there. This is a problem which will affect people beyond the Rosemount area.”

The Journal made contact with the non profit company ‘at800’ who have assured those households in Derry who are affected that their signal will be restored. An at800 spokesperson said: “New 4G mobile broadband services are being rolled out across the UK. There is a small chance some households could experience disruption to their Freeview TV service. The good news is there’s free help available from at800 - a company set up to make sure viewers can still watch Freeview when 4G at 800 MHz masts are activated in their area - or are offered a suitable alternative as 4G services go live.

We’re already helping viewers in this area and continue to offer support. We want to ensure that people know it’s our role to fix disruption to Freeview due to 4G at 800 MHz and that there’s no charge for our support.”

Viewers who experience new disruption to Freeview should contact at800 on:

0333 31 31 800 or 0808 13 13 800 via www.at800.tv